Globalink Software

Globalink VoIP Calling Features

  • Caller ID – The name and phone number will be shown when a call comes in.
    Rate center and did must support this feature for outgoing calls.
  • Visual Voice Mail Voice mail sent to your email address.
  • Inbound fax delivered as tiff or pdf if  your did supports it.
  • Outbound Fax depends on your voip device and codec used.
  • Remote Voice Access voice mail by calling in via telephone or via web page.
  • Smart Phone registration allows voip services on cell phones.
  • Call waiting – A tone will sound if you are on the phone and another call comes in, allowing you to answer the new call.
  • FREE ON-NET Calling – Call anyone on the same sip server for FREE.
  • Traverses NAT – allows voip behind routers.
  • VPN service is available where voip is restricted.
  • Call transfer – Transfer an existing call to another phone number.  Recommend Polycom VOIP phone or hosted pbx feature.
  • Hosted PBX Auto Attendant, Dial by Name, Call Queues, Music on Hold, Find-Me, Follow Me, Forward to a SIP URI or ip address.
  • Calling Card Portal Access – you can connect to calling card portal to make international calls from any phone. Allows automatic  pinless registration and recharge using vouchers.
  • International Callback Services available where there is no internet access
  • Softphone Access – connect within Outlook or using other third-party software.
  • Repeat dial – Redial the number you dialed.
  • Return call – Recall the number which just called you.
  • Message waiting indication – Indication of a voicemail message waiting for you.
  • Anonymous call blocking – Allows you to block incoming calls if they do not have a caller ID.
  • Distinctive ringing – You can setup different ring tones based on who is calling you.
  • Do Not Disturb – Allows you to make your phone ring busy for in coming calls. (depends on voip device)
  • Find Me or Follow Me –  You can create a hunt list or forward incoming calls to another number or ip concurrently or in select order.
  • Hunt Group – All phones programmed in the list will ring. The first one you pick up will take the call.
  • Speed dial – You can setup short codes to dial frequently called numbers.
  • User Manual – For more info, please refer to our extensive documentation here.