Globalink Software

Globalink Call Center Software

Globalink call center software offers a variety of Cloud Based Phone System options for follow-me, find-me calling features, options for call queues, and voicemail that you can receive as an email attachment

Top 5 Reasons to Use Globalink Call Center Software:

  1. Flexibility – You are not locked into any particular equipment or location. You can go anywhere with Globalink! You may have some agents in the office on a computer, others using a voip phone, and still others out in the field on a mobile phone. Some agents can work in the office, while others can work from home.  With Globalink call center software, you can route calls to whomever you want, anywhere in the world.
  2. Mobility – You can quickly set up shop anywhere with an internet connection. All you need, besides the internet connection, is some kind of a phone.  You can use a voip phone with our Globalink Mobile Software Phone App on your smart Android or iOS phone or internet browser with WebRTC  support like Google Chrome (no need to install any other software).  As stated above, you can have agents located at multiple locations, anywhere in the world, all using your specially branded phone numbers.
  3. Private branding – You can set up everything using your own private brand. That way, if you are providing call center services for multiple clients, they only see your brand.
  4. Automatic, real-time billing – Our integrated billing software automatically keeps track of calls. If you are providing call center services for multiple clients and bill by the call or time spent on calls, that is good news!  You will automatically receive a statement of usage, and the system can automatically bill the customer at a variety of different intervals.
  5. International – If you need numbers to call in to or out from, anywhere in the world, we provide phone numbers for almost any country that you can think of. This can be a great way to explore a new market.  Simply set up phone numbers for that area, have sales staff call people in that area, and see if the market is going to work out, before you ever actually set foot in that location.