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What is Voice Over Internet Protocol (VoIP)?

What is Voice Over Internet Protocol (VoIP)?

What is Globalink VoIP?

Globalink is a Voice-Over-IP (VoIP) phone service provider that uses your Internet connection to allow you make and receive phone calls.

Our service can run on any internet connection such as DSL, WiFi, cable modem and of course high speed services like T1  and fiber circuits used by businesses.

We resell our private label voip service to resellers who use our service to provide voip phone service to their customers.

Just as you are used to sending emails over the internet, now you can talk over the same internet with your friends, family and business partners.

Voice and video can be transmitted over the same internet to another person’s phone, cell phone, voip equipment or computer.

Globalink customers can use the service anywhere in the world  via the Internet and make high quality calls using any SIP Internet Telephony hardware, broadband VoIP adaptor, IP phone or softphone.

We offer on-line account administration, low international calling rates and rich hosted voip pbx features without all the extra fees and charges.

You can continue to use our service just like you did with your traditional land line phone except now it is Voice-Over The Internet!

How does it work?

Choose a VoIP hardware phone (looks like a business phone) or VoIP device (works with your old phone) or softphone  (works with your computer) or mobile dialer (works with your cell phone) that best fits the way you connect to the Internet.
 Pick a Globalink Worldkom Branded Reseller calling plan and once the device is installed you can simply pick up the phone and dial any regular number.Our reseller plan allows you to create your own sub customers so they can make calls and pay you for your service. You can setup your own calling rates and provide them their own web control panel login.

The online Porta Web Control Panel lets you view your voip services or remaining call credit balance, recharge your funds, manage your find-me, follow-me numbers, check call history, missed calls, incoming faxes  and much more.

We provide US and international phone numbers world wide.  You can have your business partner or family member call you by dialing a local number in their home country which will ring directly on your phone.  For an example, you can get a number in London and have it ring on your phone in  say Chicago.

You can also use our mobile app, softphone, voip phone, calling card and call back services worldwide.

You are welcome to bring own VoIP device (byod).  Most standard unlocked sip hardware and mobile dialers will work with our service. You can also use our calling card and callback services worldwide without the need for an internet connection.

Why do I want to use Globalink  VoIP Phone Services?

VoIP is a great way to use your Internet connection  and make low cost calls to anyone any where in the world.
Anyone on our service can call each other for FREE.This is called On Network calling.

This is also ideal for  businesses that need to call their branch offices worldwide without having to pay extra!!

A call to Kuala Lumpur from Sydney is free as long as both devices are connected to our phone service.

We provide VoIP services that can integrate with your existing phone systems.

We provide business, wholesale and residential services.