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Make Money with the Latest Communications Technology

Make Money with the Latest Communications Technology


We’re excited to let you know about our new reseller offer hosted PBX phone service sales! The key benefit with hosted pbx is Flexibility. Customers do not need a high- speed internet connection, or any special hardware*. Hosted PBX is a virtual pbx, that uses the latest internet technology to perform sophisticated phone system functions.

Neither you nor your customers need to be VOIP experts at all. In fact, many hosted pbx users don’t even realize that they’re using VOIP technology at all. All they know is that they have a new sophisticated phone system with a lot of great options, and they didn’t have to buy expensive hardware or replace all their phones.

Hosted PBX is especially beneficial for customers who have an outside sales force, multiple locations, work- from-home employees, etc. There’s more information below about two great options for selling hosted pbx.

NEW – We also have new information and new offerings for our popular Reseller- in-a-box plans. Please check out the new options at our reseller packages page.

Reseller Sales Program – Hosted PBX

The latest innovations in telephone services is in the area of hosted pbx. It works a lot like traditional pbx systems, in that it allows you to route calls to all different extensions with voice mail. But it does so much more!

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Reseller Program
Your Own Brand Hosted PBX Start Your Own Hosted PBX Sales Business.You’ll have your own private-brand login page for your customers & can set your own prices.

You’ll get low wholesale rates on all services, and can re-sell them for whatever rate you like. Services include DID numbers, line extensions, extra minutes for those who use the service to originate calls, and more. Contact us today for the wholesale rates, and we can show you how much money you can make.

We would like to have the opportunity to tell you more about all the great new options you would have with selling hosted pbx. It’s a great way to make money with VOIP without having to explain how VOIP works to every customer.

Please check out our website at :, or better yet, contact our team at, and we can discuss it more.


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*No hardware is required when using the service entirely as an in-bound solution (primarily voice- mail). To use the same extensions as an out-bound calling solution, an inexpensive adapter is required.

Hosted PBX is a phone service that utilizes a very secure location on the internet. You don’t need any special hardware or extra high-speed internet to use the system. If you have questions or concerns about exactly how it works, please don’t hesitate to contact us, and we’ll be glad to answer your questions.