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Hosted PBX – Virtual Phone Systems

Hosted PBX Phone Systems

*Uses the latest technologies to keep businesses connected

*Great for businesses with satellite and branch offices or work-from-home employees

*Great for the “road warrior” salesperson or entrepreneur

Hosted PBX- Make Money Selling the Latest Communication Technology

What Is Hosted PBX?

The latest innovation in telephone services is in the area of Hosted PBX.

Hosted PBX is a virtual pbx, that uses the latest internet technology to perform sophisticated telephone system functions, with only a minimal investment.

Hosted PBX works a lot like traditional pbx telephone systems, in that it allows you to route calls to all different extensions with voice mail. But it does so much more!

What Are the Requirements?

Customers do not need a high- speed internet connection, or any special hardware.*

Neither you nor your customers need to be VOIP experts at all. In fact, many hosted pbx users don’t even realize that they’re using VOIP technology at all.  All they know is that they have a new sophisticated phone system with a lot of great options, and they didn’t have to buy expensive hardware or replace all their phones.

What Are the Benefits?

The key benefit with hosted pbx is Flexibility. Hosted PBX is especially beneficial for customers who have an outside sales force, multiple locations, work- from-home employees, etc.

Office Personnel, whether working at corporate office, home office, remote client site or while on the road, can now receive their faxes, email, and voice mail in the same inbox.

Clients will still call the main office number and messages will get routed to the right location. Staff working from home will be able to receive calls just like they were in the office.

You can also setup your phone to show the main office number while making outgoing calls so that your clients do not need to call you on your home or cell phone.

Great Options for Selling VoIP:

Private Label or White Label Reseller Program

Reseller Program – Your Own Brand

You can sell  for our larger resellers. We will arrange with our larger resellers so that you can make commission selling voip services! You will not need to worry about technical issues as our larger resellers have been trained to handle the tech support issues. You can then concentrate on selling and making commission while they do the tech support and supporting your clients.

Contact us today for more information.

Start Your Own Hosted PBX Sales Business for just $999, which includes unlimited extensions. You’ll have your own private-brand login page for your customers & can set your own prices. It includes unlimited calling plans as well.

You’ll get low wholesale rates on all services, and can re-sell them for whatever rate you like. Services include local and international DID or phone numbers, line extensions, extra minutes for those who use the service to originate calls, and more. We can integrate our system to handle the billing and process payment via your merchant account.

Contact us today for the wholesale rates, and we can show you how much money you can make.

*No hardware is required when using the service entirely as an in-bound solution (primarily voice-mail).  To use the same extensions as an out-bound calling solution, an inexpensive adapter is required.

Hosted PBX is a phone service that utilizes a very secure location on the internet. You don’t need any special hardware or extra high-speed internet to use the system to receive calls. If you have questions or concerns about exactly how it works, please don’t hesitate to contact us, and we’ll be glad to answer your questions.

Features and Benefits of every Globalink account:

  • Free Internet to Internet calling or On-Net calling to devices registered on our network – Calls to anyone on our service are free any time, day or night. Ideal for multi-branch office locations, social networking or family around the world.
  • Call Routing  – Forward your calls using the web based control panel in real time. Allows calls to simultaneously ring your home, office, cell and VoIP phones when calls are received, you pick up any phone. Find-me or follow-me is ideal for busy individuals, businesses like realtors, tech personnel on call.
  • Call conferencing – Allows a group of people to speak to each other in virtual meeting rooms.
  • Caller ID – The name and phone number will be shown when a call is received. This is available on our premium routes and did or phone number must be subscribed to CNAM.
  • Call waiting –  This is an option. A beep will sound if you are on the phone and another call comes in so you can answer the new call.
  • Call transfer – Transfer an existing call to another phone number depends on the type of phone or softphone you are using.
  • Repeat dial – Redial the number you dialed.
  • Return call – Recall the number which just called you.
  • 3-way calling – Allows you to make a conference call between yourself and two other parties with a single phone line.
  • Message waiting indication – Indication of a voicemail message waiting for you.
  • Anonymous call blocking – Allows you to block incoming calls that do not have caller ID.
  • Call forwarding – Allows you to forward all of your calls to another number.
  • Caller ID blocking – Allows you to selectively block specified phone numbers.
  • Distinctive ringing – You can setup different ring tones based on who is calling you.
  • Do Not Disturb – Allows you to make your phone ring busy for incoming calls.
  • Line unavailable forwarding – Lets you forward incoming calls to another number if your line is busy.
  • Multi-Ring – All phones programmed with the same phone number will ring. The first one you pick up will take the call.
  • Speed dial – You can setup short codes to dial frequently called numbers.
  • Voicemail – An entire voice messaging system available via the web, telephone or email.
  • eVoicemail gives multiple options of reviewing, sharing and responding to voicemail messages via the phone, email attachment or web based Porta Control Panel.
  • Call Detail Records Manager logs missed calls as well as incoming and outgoing call history.


What is VoIP?


GlobaLink is committed to helping organizations leverage on the latest technologies and market themselves using the Internet and the latest computer technologies. Simply put, Globalink can help you save money and make the most of your time, using the latest communication technologies.

With Globalink Free Real-Time Online Account Management with INTEGRATED BILLING IN YOUR OWN CURRENCY, you’re in control of your account 24/7 to check call activity, billing, and edit your user information for all you Globalink lines. And because it’s available in real-time, you get the most accurate and up-to-date information.